Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Christmas from Fishboy and Carleen Jean Death Machine

Alright, so this one qualifies on something of a technicality, and I'm ruling in its favor because I always look forward to listening to it around the holidays. A home-recorded 12-song Christmas CD-R from I believe 2003, given out to family and friends of the duo, Eric "Fishboy" Michener, a prolific Texan musician, and Carleen DeCamp (now Micheneer), an Everett native who moved to Texas after playing in several Everett-based bands. So, this was recorded in Texas, but there's enough Everett in it to totally qualify. Between the upbeat rock of "That's What You're Getting for Christmas" and "It's Tomorrow!", the not super serious but still poignant melancholy of "xHappyx xHardcorex xXmasx", "Lonely Santa", and "Werewolves on Christmas", and the brief but instantly memorable "Cowbell Christmas", this one is a winner all around (a winter winner, if you will). Guitar, drums, piano, synth, jingle bells, glockenspiel, whistling, what's not to love?

Download the 12-song album with felt sleeve and insert scans here.

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