Monday, January 28, 2013

The Catheters - The Kids Know How To Rock 7"

The Catheters were a punk rock band from Bellevue, WA that played together from 1995-2004. While this 7" wasn't their first release, it was the first studio material by them that I ever heard. A buddy of mine bought a copy after a show we went to during the Summer of '99 and I remember us being really impressed, both with their live show and the record. The Catheters definitely matured over time and by the time they released their 3rd and final record in 2004 they were light years beyond where they were at on this e.p. but this is the way they sounded when I first fell in love with their take on the sound of snotty, teenage rebellion.

The Kids Know How To Rock

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BlöödHag - Gorgeous Ladies of Writing 7"

If you're an avid follower of this blog, you probably already know who BlöödHag were but, in case you're unfamiliar, here's a brief biography: BlöödHag was a death metal band from Seattle (1996-2010) whose lyrics were odes to various sci-fi, horror and fantasy authors. During their time together they not only toured your typical music venues, they also toured playing in libraries all across the country.

Tonight's download contains their Gorgeous Ladies of Writing 7" (1999) complete with scans of the record's sleeve and of the accompanying G.L.O.W. swimsuit calendar

Gorgeous Ladies of Writing 7"