Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Need - Live @ RKCNDY 9/21/98

This coming Saturday, March 30th, Behead The Prophet and The Need are playing at the Vera Project in Seattle. In my excitement for and in celebration of this upcoming show, I'm planning on doing a few posts this week that are specific to those bands.

First up, we have a live set by The Need that was recorded at RKCNDY on 9/21/98, which was just about a year before that club sadly closed it's doors. The lineup that night also included Built to Spill and Modest Mouse but this is the only audio from that show I've ever come across. If you know The Need, you know what to expect but in case you don't here's a brief description: artsy, no-wave, post punk.


Monday, March 18, 2013

White Jazz - The 4th Practice

My buddy Benson found this tape at Everyday Music up on Capitol Hill a while back and was gracious enough to let me borrow it for inclusion here. White Jazz weren't around for too long and almost every bit of information I found was from an online show write up from The Stranger in August of '09, which is where I've taken this descriptive paragraph from:

"White Jazz are a new (dare I say super-)group featuring Brandon Nakamura of Teen Cthulhu/Doomsday 1999, Jon Weisnewski of Akimbo, Jeff McNulty of BlöödHag, and Jared Burke Eglington of Patrol. You might expect a band with such a pedigree to combine competently terrorizing metal riffs with a tongue-in-cheek humor meant to deflate not only the metal tough-guy aesthetic, but also themselves. And you'd be right: The band formed to open a show for Pig Destroyer, and they played the show "in silk kimonos and underwear just to bum people out," according to Nakamura. He continues: "We're doing this as a tribute to bands like Excruciating Terror, Crom, and other bands that just destroy basements, ruin lives, and never say sorry." No apologies necessary, guys."

The 4th Practice was released by Wall of Dogs and serves as, I believe, the only available recordings of this all-too-brief unholy musical alliance. I've failed to be able to separate the tracks on this release as many of them run together and I don't believe the tracklisting on the label to be correct, but the whole thing weighs in at just under 10 minutes so you should be able to enjoy it in it's entirety.

White Jazz

Saturday, March 9, 2013

All About Friends compilation

All About Friends was a zine from Washington State, USA. Issue 5 was printed the same size as the CD, and contains 50 pages of photographs, as well as the tracking info.

1. C.R. - Moss
2. Botch - Rock Lobster (B-52's cover)
3. Impel - Call It What You Will
4. nineironspitfire - Dead (Napalm Death cover)
5. Screwjack - Artifact
6. Threadbare - Vitality (Beyond cover)
7. Coalesce - Cutting Away (Undertow cover)
8. Indecision - Slave
9. Trial - Crucified (Iron Cross cover)
10. State Route 522 - Jumpin' Someone Else's Train (The Cure cover)
11. Jough Dawn Baker - Five Twenty Four (Rage Against the Machine cover)

All About Friends

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Backstabbers - American Teenage Rock 'n Roll

I don't know if The Backstabbers were considered a sort of 'little brother' band to The Catheters by anyone else but that's how I always thought of them. That's not to belittle their musical contributions, they were definitely good at what they did, it's just that the two bands had a bit of an age difference, played a similar style of music and always seemed be sharing a bill. I don't know what these guys went on to do afterwards but this EP, which came out in 2000, and a full length LP ("To Eleven") that followed a year later seem to be the Backstabbers only recorded output.
If you enjoyed The Catheters 7" that was posted in January or are a fan of hard, snotty rock 'n roll in general, this may be right up your alley.

American Teenage Rock 'n Roll