Sunday, January 11, 2009

Drowning In Lethe

Drowning in Lethe
was an indie/screamo band from the greater Seattle Washington area. They released a CD-R in 2001 (Self-released), a Self-Titled 7” and a split 7” with Deadseraphim. Both official releases were on Pictora Pilota and were released in 2002. A 2003 recording for a full-length album, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, exists, but remains unreleased. Lethe broke up in 2004. All the guys, sans Nick, went to Bothell High School (Bothell,WA) and could be seen daily drinking lots of Surge, hanging out & touching each other inappropriately in the halls. Easy to spot, even at a distance, the boys stood out, usually dressed in their finest tight band T-shirts, tight denim jeans and tight jean jackets. They also had really greasy hair. They worshiped bands like Botch & the Locust and played shows with the Blood Brothers and many other bands who were hip & active at the time. Members have also played in the following bands: Vats of Blood, Murdered in Mexico, Skyline Divide, Mercy House Youth, Fires to the East, The Assailant, Elba, Navigator vs Navigator. These days the guys are either hippies or they're dead.
I took this text from the Drowning In Lethe Myspace page. I'm trying to get a hold of a copy of their unreleased album for a future posting on this blog.
Drowning In Lethe CD-R (contains the tracks from both 7" releases & 2 other songs)
If anyone happened to download this before the link went down please upload it somewhere and send me a link. I seem to have lost both my physical and digital copies

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  1. Hi. Here's some information about Drowning in Lethe (in Russian), photos and two 7". Unfortunately, I wasn't able find any CD but, anyway, you might get interested in it